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The Who House

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The Who House in Ravensdale, WA - Supporting Cancer Patients & Their Families
The Who House in Ravensdale, WA

The WHO House is in the process of being created and defined.  We look forward to the wonderful things we will be able to do for our local community and those currently undergoing Cancer Treatment, Survivors, Spouses, Children, and Family & Friends.  We have a building and meeting space designated for people to come together and share their experiences and help others as they go thru their own journey.

We are also excited to create “Who Dreams”!  Where we can present someone and their family with a fun wish or dream.  There are plenty of tough days dealing with treatments, medical bills, daily living expenses and the continual emotional roller coaster of daily life.  These Dreams grant them a time when they can focus on something fun and just one way we can give back.

If you know someone that is fighting a life-threatening cancer and could benefit from a Who Dream, please click the application button below.  The application information will be forwarded and you will be contacted by a member of our wish granting team.

Who Dream Application

Everyone has a Dream, and Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy it!  To continue to make these dreams come true, we need support from you.  We are always in need of donations, airline miles, time shares, you name it.  If we can use it create a wonderful opportunity, please let us know!