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The Who House in Ravensdale, WA

We are grateful to have the opportunity to create “Who Dreams”!  A Who Dream is Where we can present someone and their family with a fun wish or dream.  There are plenty of tough days dealing with treatments, medical bills, daily living expenses, and the continual emotional roller coaster of daily life.  These Dreams grant them a time when they can focus on something fun and just one way we can give back.

If you know someone that is fighting life-threatening cancer and could benefit from a Who Dream, please click the application button below.  The application information will be forwarded and you will be contacted by a member of our wish-granting team.

Who Dreams that Came True

Everyone has a Dream, and Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy it!  To continue to make these dreams come true, we need support from you.  We are always in need of donations, airline miles, time shares, you name it.  If we can use it create a wonderful opportunity, please let us know!

Who Dream #1

Seahawks Tailgating & Game

Who Dream #2

Alaska Fishing Trip

Who Dream #3

Hunter dreamed of a Hawaiian vacation to Aulani in Oahu to meet Stitch

Who Dream #4

A Cruise with his Wife for John

John Wanted to go on a cruise with his wife that was already planned but almost wasn’t able to sail away because he needed oxygen machines and it would have cost him $2000 + and so he was going to cancel the cruise because he didn’t want to burden his wife with more medical bills after he was gone.  We flew into action with the help of our Friends at Valley Medical Center / UW Medicine and they got him fitted with one that was light that he could pull around during the day, and a heavier one that was needed for his sleeping hours.  He was able to take that Dream cruise with his wife with no financial worries.

Who Dream #5

Hawaiian Vacation with her Besties and check off some bucket list items was the dream of Lara

Who Dream #6

A Disneyland vacation with her 6 year old Daughter was the dream of Marissa.
(Sadly Marissa passed before the vacation and so Charlie her dad and grandma will be going to Disneyland in April of 2020.

Who Dream #7

To meet his favorite super hero Batman was Liam’s dream

Liam's dream of meeting Batman

Who Dream #8

Local Maple Valley business owner and past Maple Valley Rotary Rotarian John Phillips! In just 4 days Alonzo Mitz (defensive end 86-89) and Norm Johnson,  kicker of the Seattle Seahawks, showed up to say “Hello!” and talk field talk with John. Valley Girls and Guys had another special surprise for John the following day, but we got a phone call just hours after leaving the family that John had passed away, still with a smile after having his dream fulfilled, surrounded by his family.

Who Dream #9

Pete wished to take a magical trip to Disneyland with his family.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, this dream has not yet been fulfilled…

Who Dream #10

Jennifer Small had a Disney-Magical Vacation with her family at Disney World! The Small family had already booked their flight and hotel, but we were able to support the family to make their trip extra magical with a limo ride to- and from- the airport, a VIP tour of Disney World parks, custom shirts and more!

Who Dream #11

Toni Turner and her three children created wonderful memories on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. Thanks to your generous donations, after getting picked up and taken to the airport in a limo, we were able to provide flights for the family (from various parts of the country), hotel and some spending money for the family to enjoy their time together.

Liam's dream of meeting Batman

Who Dream #12

Christian Lopez is a Maple Valley native. We were excited to fulfill his dream of taking a trip to Kentucky with his wife and 4 kids (ages 6-19) to visit the Ark Encounter and The Creation Museum. The family had an amazing time and shared fun memories at the museums and had wonderful hotel accommodations and some spending money for food and additional activities.

Liam's dream of meeting Batman

Who Dream #13

Danielle Lowe is a single mother to 4 beautiful children ranging in age from 21 to 4 years old. After receiving a terminal diagnosis, her dream was to make lasting memories with her family, capture those moments to reflect on for years to come, and enjoy one another without worry. The family was gifted a beautiful home for the weekend at Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum, Washington. We went ahead of the family and surprised each child with special gifts based on their interests and passions, and left the fridge and counters stocked with yummy snacks and a full fridge of food for their weekend adventures. The family was also able to enjoy a delicious family dinner at a local restaurant. Memories were made to last a lifetime for this deserving family.

Who Dream #14

Who Dream#14 is taking place in memory of Tim Spence. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was nominated by his loving Aunt, who requested on sending him on his dream vacation to Hawaii as he had never been. Around the same time we received approval from his doctor to take the trip, we found out that unfortunately, Tim had passed away a few days prior. A few days later, we received a follow up call from his Aunt asking if we could send Tim’s mom and sister to Hawaii to spread his ashes and lay him to rest in his dream location.

This dream is currently in process of being fulfilled.

Who Dream #15

Who Dream#15 was for Marilyn Curtis that was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer.  We received a Who dream application from daughter Lindsey and Marilyn's dream was an all-girls trip with her sisters and daughters to Leavenworth. They had have never done anything like this before and believed it would create a lasting memory for all of them and so that is exactly what we did!

A vacation home was secured for the weekend in Leavenworth, we got "Girls Trip 2023" shirts made and gave them spending money for food and pictures while in town! These pictures say EVERYTHING! This weekend filled with moments together and all the memories made is and will be EVERYTHING!

We received this Thank you email a few days later from Marilyn..

I am writing you all to thank you for the most precious gift of my life.
You gave me a trip with my sisters and our daughters we made the best memories of the time we had. Laughing, crying and remembering how precious life is. There's no others words to describe how I feel and it was you all that made it happen.
Thank you so much
Marilyn Curtis
Cancer patient