Valley Girls & Guys! is an all-volunteer organization with the sole goal of harnessing the power of community to support cancer patients and their families.  Our journey began in 2007 raising money to support a national breast cancer organization, which culminated in donations totaling over 3.2 + million dollars.  In October of 2014, Valley Girls & Guys became a Washington State 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing assistance to local families who were suffering from any cancer diagnosis.  Valley Girls & Guys! is served by its Founder and President, Tina McDonough, and  a steadfast Board of Directors who carefully steward the resources of our donors to efficiently and effectively support cancer patients in the communities where they live, work and receive treatment. A Cancer diagnosis affects the whole family, and Valley Girls & Guys! eases the burden faced by families in need.Tina McDonough 3 Day Walk Susan G Komen

Valley Girls & Guys develops and supports programs that offer hope and encouragement to cancer patients and their loved ones through:

-Patient financial assistance

-Patient support groups

-Funding local cancer research, at Seattle Children’s Hospital (Strive-02 Solid Tumor Immunotherapy and High Risk Leukemia clinical trial) and at the Cancer Vaccine Institute at UW Medicine (breast and ovarian cancer vaccine clinical trials)

-Granting Who Dreams to those with a terminal diagnosis

-Sending personalized blankets to those undergoing treatment through our Glenda Weiler Blankets of Comfort and Hope program

-Supporting local support services of cancer patients, such as Camp Kesem and Casting for Recovery

-Funding mammograms, ultrasounds, and biopsies for those uninsured or underinsured

-Funding scholarships at local high schools for those affected by a cancer diagnosis

-Community Outreach Program – Be The Hope Walk

Through these programs, we are strengthening the community that surrounds cancer patients and their families at a time when they need it most.  Valley Girls & Guys! is dedicated to working alongside those in need, within their community, through the total cancer journey.

Local Awards

  • Best of Western Washington King 5 Evening Magazines “Best Local Charity” 1st Place in 2015

  • Best of Western Washington King 5 Evening Magazines “Best Local Charity” 1st Place in 2014

  • Best of Western Washington King 5 Evening Magazines “Best Local Charity” Tied for 1st Place 2013

  • 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011-1st Place for Service organization in the Maple Valley Days Parade

  • 2014 Community First Award from Greater Maple Valley Community Center

  • Best of Western Washington King 5 Evening Magazines “Best Local Charity” Runner up for 1st Place in 2012

Fundraising Accomplishments

  • Total Raised to date for Susan G Komen = $3.2+ Million Dollars

  • 2018-SGK Seattle Raised $128,086 with 54 walkers

  • 2018-SGK San Diego Raised $126,392 with 58 walkers

  • 2017-SGK Seattle Raised $228,694 with 114 walkers

  • 2017-SGK Dallas Raised $4,600 with 2 walkers

  • 2017-SKG San Diego Raised $136,520.00 with 50 walkers

  • 2016 SGK Seattle Raised $315,100 with 147 Walkers
  • 2016 SGK San Diego Raised $59,800 with 30 Walkers
  • 2016 SGK Twin Cities Raised $4,600 with 2 walkers
  • 2016 SGK Philly Raised $23,000 with 12 Walkers
  • 2015-SGK Seattle Raised $315,130 with 131 walkers
  • 2015-SGK San Diego Raised $50,940 with 26 walkers
  • 2015-SGK Twin Cities Raised $2475 with 1 walker

  • 2014-SGK Seattle Raised $342,221 with 146 walkers

  • 2014-SGK San Diego Raised $29,035 with 12 walkers

  • 2013-SGK Seattle Raised $326,037 with 167 walkers

  • 2013-SGK San Diego Raised $22,580 with 9 walkers
  • 2012-SGK Seattle Raised $317,000 with 160 walkers
  • 2012-SGK San Diego Raised $2300 with 1 walker
  • 2011-SGK Seattle Raised $327,000 with 153 walkers
  • 2011-SGK San Diego Raised $2,300 with 1 walker
  • 2010-SGK Seattle Raised $205,000 with 86 walkers
  • 2009-SGK Seattle Raised $142,000 with 59 walkers
  • 2008-SGK Seattle Raised $127,000 with 39 walkers
  • 2007 SGK Seattle Raised $11,945.00 with  4 walkers

Total Raised to Date for Susan G. Komen  =  $3.2+ Million Dollars