Tina McDonough 3 Day Walk Susan G KomenValley Girls & Guys! was originally formed in 2007 by Tina McDonough as a 3 Day walking team to raise money and to support the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for a Cure, in honor of her friend, Michelle Brown, who passed away from cancer later that year. Michelle was only 38 years old, leaving behind a 12 year old daughter and husband. Since then, the group has expanded beyond just fundraising for the 3-day walk for a cure. In October of 2014 officially became a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Valley Girls & Guys! has now expanded their efforts to all cancers and has recently transitioned to lavender for “all cancers.” They send blankets of “comfort and hope” all over the world, opened The Who House by harnessing the power of community to support cancer patients and their families and by providing Who Dream to those terminal with any type of cancer, provide scholarships to high school seniors, find local researchers, equipment, and more.

A few years ago, we teamed up with Mountain for Mammaries as well to help fund mammograms here locally in our state to those who can’t afford them or have no insurance to do so can receive one.

Valley Girls and Guys are active year round raising money to not only fight cancer, but to help patients and their families during treatment. We are changing and saving lives EVERY DAY!

Local Awards

  • Best of Western Washington King 5 Evening Magazines “Best Local Charity” 1st Place in 2015

  • Best of Western Washington King 5 Evening Magazines “Best Local Charity” 1st Place in 2014

  • Best of Western Washington King 5 Evening Magazines “Best Local Charity” Tied for 1st Place 2013

  • 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011-1st Place for Service organization in the Maple Valley Days Parade

  • 2014 Community First Award from Greater Maple Valley Community Center

  • Best of Western Washington King 5 Evening Magazines “Best Local Charity” Runner up for 1st Place in 2012

Fundraising Accomplishments

  • Total Raised to date for Susan G Komen = $3.2+ Million Dollars

  • 2018-SGK Seattle Raised $128,086 with 54 walkers

  • 2018-SGK San Diego Raised $126,392 with 58 walkers

  • 2017-SGK Seattle Raised $228,694 with 114 walkers

  • 2017-SGK Dallas Raised $4,600 with 2 walkers

  • 2017-SKG San Diego Raised $136,520.00 with 50 walkers

  • 2016 SGK Seattle Raised $315,100 with 147 Walkers
  • 2016 SGK San Diego Raised $59,800 with 30 Walkers
  • 2016 SGK Twin Cities Raised $4,600 with 2 walkers
  • 2016 SGK Philly Raised $23,000 with 12 Walkers
  • 2015-SGK Seattle Raised $315,130 with 131 walkers
  • 2015-SGK San Diego Raised $50,940 with 26 walkers
  • 2015-SGK Twin Cities Raised $2475 with 1 walker

  • 2014-SGK Seattle Raised $342,221 with 146 walkers

  • 2014-SGK San Diego Raised $29,035 with 12 walkers

  • 2013-SGK Seattle Raised $326,037 with 167 walkers

  • 2013-SGK San Diego Raised $22,580 with 9 walkers
  • 2012-SGK Seattle Raised $317,000 with 160 walkers
  • 2012-SGK San Diego Raised $2300 with 1 walker
  • 2011-SGK Seattle Raised $327,000 with 153 walkers
  • 2011-SGK San Diego Raised $2,300 with 1 walker
  • 2010-SGK Seattle Raised $205,000 with 86 walkers
  • 2009-SGK Seattle Raised $142,000 with 59 walkers
  • 2008-SGK Seattle Raised $127,000 with 39 walkers
  • 2007 SGK Seattle Raised $11,945.00 with  4 walkers

Total Raised to Date for Susan G. Komen  =  $3.2+ Million Dollars