Valley Girls & Guys! donates $180,000 to Fund a Breast and Ovarian Vaccine Clinical Trial at UW Medicine.  Valley Girls & Guys! board met Dr. Nora Disis and team and were able to tour the research area where all the Magic happens!  Stay tuned for progress reports and good news!

This right here is EVERYTHING! This email I received yesterday is proof that we can make a difference TOGETHER! And because people have Asked and or don’t know, YES 100% of this $180,000 will go directly to the breast and ovarian vaccines clinical trials! No admin, no fees, no nothing. 100%!!! These doctors and scientists are my heroes!!! ⭕️⭕️

Letter from Dr. Disis —————

Dear Tina,

I’m writing to thank you again for your wonderful gift to the Cancer Vaccine Institute, and for traveling up to visit our lab this week. I’ve attached some photos of our celebration. The heartfelt generosity of Valley Girls and Guys will have a long-lasting impact on the field of cancer research and on the patients who benefit from it… and it’s truly inspiring and gratifying to see this effort rooted in our Maple Valley community!

Cancer vaccines have the power to revolutionize the way cancer is treated. They have few side effects, low toxicity and high specificity. Unlike traditional treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, vaccines can target cancer cells without affecting normal cells. They do so by using the body’s own immune system to identify and defeat cancer. Vaccines may prevent the recurrence of cancer, and new vaccine approaches are being designed to prevent cancer from ever developing. Your philanthropic support is helping make these treatments possible.

With your gift, we will be able to support the cost of vaccine manufacture – a critical step that is rarely covered by grant funding – and allow us our clinical trials for women’s cancers and bring us ever closer to a cure.

So thank you again for joining us at CVI and for all of the work you do to bring about the beginning of the end of cancer. We are so grateful for your support and eagerly look forward to updating you and your team on all of our progress!


Nora Disis, M.D.

Valley Girls & Guys donation to UW Medicine