Valley Girls & Guys! board attends the GRAND OPENING of Seattle Children’s Hospital “Building Cure” in Downtown Seattle.
We are so excited because this facility and the doctors that walk the halls will change the future in this new building.
Last night our board was able to attend the grand opening of Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Center Building for the Cure Building Cure! Hope. Cure. Care. Let us tell you first hand Building Cure is WOW and is FOREVER going to improve our World! Amazing night, listening to Amazing doctors. and it is absolutely Amazing what is on the horizon not just for Cancer, but for mental health, epilepsy, autism and more PLUS its happening right here in our very own backyard! Stay tuned as we share more! Again and always, Thank you to all of YOU and your continued support of Valley Girls & Guys! As long as we have amazing people like YOU we will continue to fund, support and love on Seattle Children’s!!!